Amateur radio, organized

Our Mission

Ham radio is complicated, let's simplify

I built HamSeek with one goal - Make. Radio. Easier.

The hobby of Ham radio has a massive wealth of information. This information is spread across many different websites, forums, videos, and books. HamSeek aims to be a compendium of all of this information, presented in an organized, user-friendly way.

The primary mission is to lower the barrier to entry into the hobby of ham radio. We hope to accomplish this by making it easier to get started and stay involved by providing a primary reference for information and source of high-quality, easy to use tools.

Get Involved

I like the project, how do I help?

There are three main ways that you can help:

  • Create a pull request on Github with new pages information or corrections.
  • Contact us with suggestions, and we will add them to the website.
  • Donate via Buy Me A Coffee - Bandwidth is expensive

Since I am a new ham, I am organizing information about radio as I learn it myself. Please do not hesitate to reach out to correct information on this website or add information that I may not know yet.

Our Team

Carter Hay


Carter is a software engineer with over a decade of experience in embedded, mission and safety critical software. He first got his technician license in 2021 and is currently studying to upgrade to his general license. Being a new ham, he quickly found that the massive wealth of information surrounding ham radio creates a high barrier to entry, and decided to create this website to help lower that barrier.